Imagine is a therapeutic arts project

Imagine is a therapeutic arts project


At the beginning of 2017, Imagine moved to a new studio: a new exciting phase is unfolding for our community project. It is thanks to the support we have received from the Association for the Promotion of Artistic Therapy, together with two private donors, that this new step has been made possible.

We continue to offer an accessible and supportive studio space in which members can explore and develop their creativity in the community-based practice. The studio, which opened in 2009, is currently run by Laura Ridolfi, Hisako Simon and Tom Burns.

Imagine is the perfect name for me as prior to my experience at Imagine, I could not have imagined having anything to do with art and the idea of submitting something to an exhibition was absolutely unimaginable. The experience of being supported to play and experiment with art materials in the nurturing, spacious and quite magical studio has continued to lead me through from stuckness and self-criticism to surprise and delight. Sheila MC.D.

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Members can choose between the ‘open studio practice’ and the ‘social art group’ – which allow more independent artistic work, or the ‘theme-based groups’ – where, in a confidential setting, artistic and emotional aspects of a specific theme are explored from different perspectives. Together with the above weekly sessions, our programme includes weekend ‘workshops’. Imagine offers a safe space where creativity can be used as a powerful tool for furthering self-awareness and change.

No previous artistic experience is required to join the studio and basic art materials are provided.

Laura Ridolfi

I feel that our creativity helps us to deal with the unexpected, to find meaning in our lives and the inner resources to change and grow. Trained in Anthroposophic Art Therapy, my approach embraces the physical as well as the soul and spiritual aspects of our well-being in relationship to the world arounds us. I see life as a journey, where the outer and the inner path interweave; art helps me to enjoy this journey: mindful in the process, I leave the destination open to the imagination.

Hisako Simon

Through my Anthroposophic training in sculpture and art therapy, I realised that engaging in artistic processes was a way towards encountering our own inner selves. On my journey I found that similar forms kept appearing which revealed aspects of my being, and I believe when we meet them with a sincere heart they open new dimensions to who we really are.

Tom Burns

For the past 40 years I have had an intertwined love of painting (as an art tutor and Anthroposophic art therapist) and landscape gardening, each enriching the other. Gardening throughout the seasons over many years has attuned me to the wonder of light, darkness, colour and form within Nature. That wonder I also discover each time anew in the manifold ways that each human being can bring to birth their own inner wellspring of life through re-imagining light, darkness, colour and form through art.


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At Imagine we want everyone to be able to attend our sessions and/or workshops. Please, enquire if a concession is needed. – 01453 767059  /  07762 704738
c/o Unit 2, Block 2, Fromehall Mill – Lodgemore Lane, Stroud GL5 3EH