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the energy of the dragon

10th October – 5th December 2012, Wednesday 9.30am-12.30pm

Dragon themed-group


To mark this water dragon year, we invite you to join us in the exploration of the Dragon Energy: playful, spontaneous and unpredictable! Laura Ridolfi and Poh-Eng San will co-run this weekly theme-based group. Poh-Eng will teach dragon daoyin (to guide out negative chi) exercises. The late Dr. Shen Hongxun used the movement of the dragon dance as a basis for these exercises. As the spine opens, the health benefits can be felt in more suppleness and freedom of the back. Laura will share her artistic, meditative work with colour dynamics in relationship to our sense of life and balance.

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The natural healing forces move along the spine like 2 dragons opening the spiralling channels of the back. We will experience this dynamic through our body, in the dragon dance – the basis for all taiji. We will embody this energy and let our soul express itself in colour and form, through painting, drawing and clay work.

Poh-Eng San is a qualified buqi healer since 1998 and is a recognised taiji wuxigong teacher. She studied with the late Dr Shen Hongxun, taiji grandmaster and Buddhist lama, and developed taiji energy forces for 16 years. She runs retreats in the UK.
Laura Ridolfi co-founder of Imagine, holds a post graduate diploma in art therapy with many years experience in facilitating groups in the UK and abroad. Her colour work and her approach to art and health embraces the physical as well as the spiritual aspects of our being in relationship to our environment.

Cost: £200 for 8 sessions (please, enquire for payments by installment) – Maximum 8 places, to reserve a place in the group a deposit of £50 is required by 30th Sept.
All art materials are provided. No previous experience is required.

a taster session will be offered

Sunday 30th September, 10 – 12 noon

please book by 24th Sept. – places limited, costs: by donations (ffi please visit our open doors)


info@imagine-therapeutic-arts.co.uk – 01453 767059  /  07762 704738
c/o Centre for Science and Art – 13 Lansdown, Stroud GL5 1BB