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imagine… we’re 10!

Sunday 1st – Saturday 7th Sept 2019

Join us for our anniversary celebrations as we look back over the journey that has brought us to our lovely home in Fromehall Mill and prepare for the next steps on the path. Meet the people who have helped us create this unique space, and explore the taster sessions to try out our simple techniques and accessible themes.

People tell us our mindful and playful approach to using colour and making images can help reveal hidden truths and change their lives – so why not experience Imagine for yourself?

art and transformation

Sunday evening 1st Sept, 7–9pm

Imagine – if you can – a world without art, music, poetry. Life would be so much poorer, thinner, duller. For many of us, wherever we are on our personal journey, creating and enjoying the arts makes life worth living.

For our anniversary we are hosting an evening of conversation and sharing. Join us to share your own story of the moment when a work of art – one you’ve made, or one you’ve come across – changed your life. Hear other members of the Imagine community tell how an artistic encounter decisively shaped their own world.

Contribute to our collaborative timeline of Imagine’s first 10 years, relax to musical interludes on the lyre played by Christine Hudson, and examine the exhibition of how the Association for the Promotion of Artistic Therapy has helped us to transform our space at Fromehall Mill.

At Imagine, we believe we’ve created a special space where creativity and imagination can flow unhindered. This is the chance to celebrate together what art really means to each of us.

morning taster sessions

Monday 2nd–Friday 6th Sept, 10am-12.30pm

Come and join us for a morning coffee and experience the studio atmosphere: every day a different session!
Each morning you will meet our studio members and hear from them what they discovered at Imagine. You will be able to ask questions and share your wishes/hopes about doing art.

•Monday (Studio Practice Session): An open studio space for you to pursue your own artistic process

•Tuesday (Theme-Based Group): A painting exercise focussed on the theme of ‘change’ will be facilitated and there will be time to share your reflections in the group

•Wednesday (Art of Ageing Group): Starting with a short story, we will deepen the theme through painting, followed by the sharing of our process

•Thursday (Art Club): A space for young people aged 11-16, to explore different art materials and techniques

•Friday (Coffe Morning & Art Session): Basic techniques and media are introduced in an accessible way

mosaic workshop

Saturday 7th Sept, drop-in all day session (come any time between 10am-5pm)

Anyone who comes to Imagine knows we love to make art not just with paint but with all sorts of other materials, and that the images we make individually grow in depth and meaning as we see them alongside those of other people.

In this collaborative workshop with experienced community and mosaic artist Robin R James, we will use all kinds of materials – some collected by Robin, some things you bring along yourself – to create a large mosaic that can stand in our foyer as a permanent memento of our anniversary year.

We will work on individual panels within a common theme, and Robin will put together what we have done into a final work of art.

This is a drop-in, all day session – you are welcome to come any time between 10am–5pm (last admission to the mosaic work at 3.30pm). No mosaic experience is necessary, just bring along a piece of yourself!

Everyone is invited at 4pm to celebrate together with Imagine’s birthday cake and tea

Some of the materials that Robin will typically bring to a workshop. If you wish to offer something to be incorporated in our mosaic, please bring it to the studio during the week or to the workshop itself.

All sessions during our birthday celebrations are free to attend. We look forward to seeing you there. – 01453 767059   07762 704738
c/o Unit 2, Block 2, Fromehall Mill – Lodgemore Lane, Stroud GL5 3EH