open studio practice

open studio practice

18th September – 12th December 2017, Monday and Tuesday 2-5 pm

“Clay, watercolours, oil paints, pastels – you name it, they have got it at Imagine. Here you can produce whatever you fancy, from serious art to just a play with colours, in a peaceful atmosphere. You may either be left ‘to get on with it’ quietly or discuss your work with the very patient therapists if you wish. Elizabeth T.


This is an open studio space for you to pursue your own artistic process. One or two therapeutic art practitioners will be working in the studio alongside the members, and they can assist artistically or therapeutically if needed. However, the emphasis is on the members to develop their own work, in a supportive and social environment. The cost is: £6/hour – £15 for a full 3-hour session (please, enquire for concessions). These sessions run through term times, new members can join at any time. Basic art materials are provided, please enquire for further details. 


“I came to a point where I was unable to paint or use colour. It was very painful. But at Imagine I was given the means, and accompanied, through to opening of a locked door and out again to the light, and a new freedom.” Angela G
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c/o Unit 2, Block 2, Fromehall Mill – Lodgemore Lane, Stroud GL5 3EH