theme-based groups

theme-based groups

In a facilitated group setting, we explore artistic and emotional aspects of a specific theme from different perspectives. 

Led by one or more of the therapeutic arts practitioners, it usually begins with a facilitated group activity, followed by a more independent artistic process. Costs vary according to the number of sessions and a financial commitment is required. All art materials are provided and no previous experience is required.

“I realise that it has become a safe haven, a still point in my week where I can explore new avenues of creativity in safety and do something that is very nurturing for myself.” Raje A.

the Courage to Change

24th Sept – 10th Dec 2019, Tuesday morning  (10am-12.30pm)

Be the change that you want to see in the world

Mahatma Gandhi

There is nothing in our world which doesn’t change. Nature is a process of constant changes, from morning to night, from one season to the next, sunshine to rain. Imagine how boring it would be if nothing were to change in the sky, in the woods, in your garden… and yet if something changes in our life, we often struggle to accept, adjust, understand. We might feel fear towards it, as well as longing for it. Phenomena like climate change are asking us to change: the ‘outer’ is often demanding an ‘inner’ transformation.

What happens within when we face change? What is the gift of change to our life pattern? And how do we discern what needs to change and what needs to stay the same, both in our own art as in life? Inspired by nature and our own biography, we will work artistically with this theme, We will share our creative journeys in an accessible, playful way through a variety of media, reflecting on our process in a safe, supported and non-judgemental space.

The cost is £260/£230 conc. (11 sessions). 

No previous artistic experience is required.

To reserve a place, a non-returnable deposit of £30 is required. To book, please contact: 07762 704738,, or follow the link


a Colour Experience of Dying & Becoming

19th Sept – 12th Dec 2019, Thursday evening  (7-9pm)

In the natural world we can witness the cycle of birth, death and new birth as an experience of metamorphosis and regeneration. Through a special twelve-fold colour circle we will follow the journey of life in the transformation of a plant from seed into leaves, blossom, fruit and new seed. Nature holds beautifully the principles of ‘life’ and ‘form’, expansion and contraction, chaos and harmony, in a balanced dynamic relationship. Can this journey through colour mirror our seasonal inner life? What can we learn about ourselves through the process of art making?

The cost is £245/£220 conc. (12 sessions)

To reserve a place, a non-returnable deposit of £30 is required. To book, please contact: 07762 704738,, or follow the link


the Art of Ageing

25th Sept – 12th Dec 2019, Wednesday or Thursday morning 10am-12.30pm 

Join us and share what it is like to be growing old, while maintaining a young spirit. Be part of an artistic community where old age is valued, where living a long life is a gift to share, where the barriers between the young and the old are overcome through our imagination, thanks to facilitated artistic activities and biographical conversations. We work creatively with stories, both personal and archetypal, exploring memories, wishes and open questions, within a multicultural environment.

There are now 2 ongoing, open, themed-groups where new participants are welcome any time, although booking is recommended due to the limited number of places (max 12 participants). All materials are provided.

No previous artistic experience is required.

The cost is £25-£15 per session (on a sliding scale).

To reserve a place, please contact: 07762 704738 / 07955 556478

Please click the link to download our current brochure: iBrochure_Autumn-2019 – or enquire for further details, and to let us know if there is a theme you would like Imagine to offer.

Imagine’s Bursary Fund or charitable grants maybe available if needed.

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