special exhibition: margaret ancrum

special exhibition gallery: margaret ancrum

this space is periodically dedicated exclusively to a member of the studio

we are very pleased to show Margaret Ancrum’s work done at imagine over the last two years

A Sense of Belonging

I joined Imagine about 2 years ago and I thoroughly enjoy it every week. I have anxiety and depression and have never really felt I belonged anywhere, especially when I was in school but since I have been coming to the group, I finally feel that I belong and it’s a really good feeling.

Laura, Catharine and Lucy are very patient and understanding with me, which is what I need. I find painting relaxing and helps to calm me. Some of the paintings you will see on my exhibition are of sunsets, which I enjoy. Most of all I enjoy mixing all the different colours together and sometimes experimenting with colour to see what I come up with.

Margaret A ExhibitionYou will also see that some paintings are abstract, which are based on paintings by Rothko I have seen in a book. Other paintings are done in oils, I did these to see if I was any good with a palette knife, so again I have been practicing and learning new skills as I go along.

I have also discovered that if a painting is horizontal, I can explain what it is and what it’s meant to be but if a painting is vertical, I have difficulty in seeing what it’s meant to be a picture of and its purpose. However, I am working on this and I hope to improve in the future.

I hope you enjoy looking at my paintings and that they may inspire you to join in.

Margaret Ancrum

December 2012

Margaret was recently interviewed by Tracey Spears and an article about her experience at the studio has been published in StroudLife. If you have missed the paper edition, please follow the link to read the article.

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