studio practice sessions

studio practice sessions winter/spring opening times:

“I realise that it has become a safe haven, a still point in my week where I can explore new avenues of creativity in safety and do something that is very nurturing for myself.”  Raje A.

Due to the current government guidelines, requiring physical distancing, we need to limit the number of studio members sharing the space. If you wish to attend the sessions, please let us know so we can accommodate as many as possible throughout our rooms. 

19th April – 16th July 2021

Monday & Tuesday 2-5 pm

NEW: Friday evening 7-9 pm

This is an open studio space for you to pursue your own artistic process. The group is facilitated by one or two therapeutic art practitioners, who are available to support the participants artistically, technically and – if needs be – emotionally. The emphasis, however, is on the members to develop their own work, in a supportive and social environment. This is a particularly good space in which to develop a theme or a body of work over a period of time. There is the possibility, if you wish, to share and review your work in the social context.

The cost is: £7.50/hour, or £20 for a 3-hour session.

These sessions run through term times, new members can join at any time. Basic art materials are provided. In case of financial hardship, Imagine Bursary Fund or individual grants (within certain criteria) are available. Please,  enquire for further information. 

clay sculpture club winter/spring opening times:

20th April – 13th July 2021

Tuesday 2-5 pm

Within the Studio Practice Session, this is a congenial artistic atmosphere, where you will be able to work with clay independently and/or under experienced guidance.

You are welcome to bring your own ideas to start your process, or ask for support in finding a theme that suits your interests and wishes.

Cost: £7.50/hour, or £20 for a 3-hour session

Different kinds of clay supplied, firing will be available at a separate cost.

“Clay, watercolours, oil paints, pastels – you name it, they have got it at Imagine. Here you can produce whatever you fancy, from serious art to just a play with colours, in a peaceful atmosphere. You may either be left ‘to get on with it’ quietly or discuss your work with the very patient therapists if you wish. Elizabeth T.

studio practice days spring/summer term:

date/s tbc

Enjoy a full day of artistic work in a social, inspiring and supported environment. 

New and old members will be able to join for the whole day (10am to 3pm), or as many hours as they wish. Booking is required. 

Cost: £7.50/hour or £30 for the day
Bring a friend and receive 10% discount each!



To book, please contact: 07762 704738,, or follow the link

Imagine’s Bursary Fund or charitable grants maybe available if needed.


“I came to a point where I was unable to paint or use colour. It was very painful. But at Imagine I was given the means, and accompanied, through to opening of a locked door and out again to the light, and a new freedom.” Angela G
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