wishes to the stars

imagine… sending messages to the stars

April 2020

The stars you see in the picture were created by some of our studio members in the sessions during the last week of term, as well as at home for those who could not join. We are sending out our wishes and positive thoughts written on the back of each star to you, in these challenging times. You can read the messages here, and we hope you will be inspired to create your own star and wish:

“When things go difficult and challenging, it is the time to stop and think what it is all about”

“Finding different ways to connect with others – old friends and new”

“I wish that trust might become as contagious as fear”

“We learn to find a balance: how important to be together and being isolated to be with myself”

“Home is where the heart is. Stay safe, at home.”

“You (planet) are the light in my life. You are the life of my light”

“We are not alone on this planet. We have each other”

“We can feel closer to each other, even if we have to have more distance between us”

“Towards a more connected society, country, world, universe and a realisation that we need to care for each other and all these interconnected entities”

“Time to be”

“Appreciating what I have – emotionally, physically, personally”

“Empiness gives space to love”

“My star brings light and colour to the dark earth”

“The stars are laughing. Laugh with them because laughter is the best medicine”

“Laughter is the shortest distance between two people.” Let’s keep laughing

“We are all stardust. Look up and remember we are all connected as one”

“When you wish upon a star, your dreams do come true”



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